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Custom design products offers a wide variety of design options for the thousands of logo's and artworks that exist. We do our best to simplify it but with many options, there are many questions. Our most popular questions can be answered here. If you have specific questions relating to products or your artwork, feel free to contact us toll free: 1.877.644.4660 or service at femmecustom dot com.

  • •• How do I order? What should I expect? What is your Standard Order Process?
  • •• How fast can my items be produced?
  • •• What are my payment options?
  • •• What if I have a very custom design I would like to produce?
  • •• What is a "set-up charge" or "run charge" mean? (As well as other terminology)
  • •• What kind of art file is required and how do I get it to you?
  • •• What if I need something this week or next?
  • •• What's your shipping policy?
  • •• Can I order a sample?


  1. Place your order in one of 3 ways: order online, call us for Order Form, or fax us purchase order (P.O.).
  2. Send us good art file to service at femmecustom dot com.
  3. File format: vector file (.eps or .ai) and if your graphic includes text, please be sure to convert text outlines to lines/curves.
  4. Confirmation of stock and ship date will be confirmed via email.
  5. Art proof with scale, colors, and proportion will be sent to you via email within 2 business days of the receipt of good art file.
  6. Art approval is required typically within 24 hours.
  7. For first orders, pre-payment is required. Credit application is available after your first order. Company check, visa, mc, or AMEX accepted.
  8. Once payment and art proof is accepted, production lead times begin.
  9. Products ship on ship date.
  10. Invoice issued via email on ship date. Invoice by mail is available upon request.
  11. Ship tracking information sent via email on the following day after items ship.
  12. Shipping confirmation sent via email after packages are signed for and received.


For standard (non-rush) orders, production time begins once you approve art proof. Production time can vary from product-to-product due to the different items and machines we use, as well as the work flow for each machine/factory. You can find "Lead times" by clicking on any item and viewing the "Details" tab.

For rush production, please see the rush section below.

For high quantity orders, typically over 10,000 or 20,000 pieces, overseas production is usually 3-5 weeks lead time; however, certain projects can be quoted for best competitive pricing if you allow for delivery in 8 to 10 weeks lead times.


Pre-payment is required for all first orders and for all orders without credit approval. After your first order, you may request a credit application to be billed net 15. Orders over $5,000 will require 50% pre-pay and the balance due on the ship date of your merchandise.

Payment is handled after you receive the Sales Acknowledgement and click to approve it. If you placed an online shopping cart order, the Sales Acknowledgement is sent to you within 1 business day, and will show ship date, estimated delivery date, and all total costs. After your approval, we then handle payment. There is plenty of communication before payment is handled, so do not worry that you'll need to pay beforehand. We want to make sure artwork is evaluated and we have the exact details of your order before handling payment with you.

We accept the following modes of payment:

  • Company check
  • Bank wire payment (domestic & international)
  • Credit card payments via Mastercard, Visa, or American Express
  • Online payment accounts: Paypal 


A big part of our business is creating customized products for our corporate clients. From totes and cosmetic bags to jewelry, emblems, and charms attachments, we have a plethora of custom options for almost any one of our products. If you are looking to create a specific product from trusted and established factories, you've come to the right place! Please contact us directly via our contact form or call us directly at 877.644.4660, ext.103 for custom quote requests.

We are able to produce high quantity orders, well above the quantities published for each product. Many orders over 10,000 or 20,000 pieces can be produced overseas to save you significant investment. Also, with large orders, you gain greater customization options, such as creating original fabrics, printing larger than standard imprint areas, and using colors that may not be published in our online store. Please contact us directly for help with custom sourcing or call directly at 877.644.4660, ext.103.


1. Unit price is the price per piece. As you order higher quantities, it costs less to produce; therefore, the unit price goes down when you order higher quantities.

2. Set-up charge is the cost to create a custom screen based on your artwork or logo. When custom imprinting a product, we take your logo and create a screen or mold so that the ink or impression can be applied to the product. Each time you add another color or when you want to imprint on several locations, another screen must be made for the extra imprint or impression. This is why you pay a set-up charge for each color or location. The only exception to this rule is with full color printing (four color process printing) where you can imprint as many colors as you wish and pay only one set-up charge.

For color imprint, you save the most when you imprint only one color. If you have many colors in your artwork, we recommend choosing our full color imprinted products where you can imprint as many colors as you would like for only one set-up charge.

3. Run charge applies when you are imprinting more than one color or more than one location on an item. When imprinting multiple colors, for example, we imprint the first color on the item, let it dry, then run the product through the machine again for the second color and let it dry. If there is a third color, we go through this process again. This is called another "run" and the run charge applies.

Because the majority of our orders are for one color (one position) imprint, this first color is already built into the cost; it covers the product going through one "run" of imprinting. When you add a second color, this is when a run charge applies. Run charges are usually nominal for most products, ranging from $0.10 - $1.00 per color, per piece. The same principle applies with laser engraving, deboss, and other methods. The first location imprint is included but a run charge applies when you want to add a second location imprint to your product.

The only exception is with full color imprint (four color process) products, where all colors are included in your first set-up charge. Run charges do not apply with full color products.


Q: What format do you accept?

A: For almost all printing jobs, vector artwork, such as Adobe Illustrator .AI file, .PDF or .EPS file. It is imperative that all text outlines are converted to lines/curves.

Q: What if I don't have the artwork format required?

A: Send us what you have and we can evaluate whether we can recreate it or if there is a better solution. The higher the resolution the better. Typically 300 dpi or more is preferred. For most projects, we are able to assist you with graphics services at no charge, including converting your artwork to the proper file type. However, for complex design projects, we may notify you that it is outside our scope or that we can design based on billable hours. This only happens less than 10% of the time and no work begins until we discuss this with you.

Q: What if I don't have a designer and need creative help?

A: We have stylish stock designs that can be used for most "full color" or "custom cover" products. Stock designs can be personalized up to two lines of text, no charge. For greater personalization of stock designs or to enlist our creative help to create an original design, please contact us for a quote. For most projects which require simple edits, we provide this services as a courtesy and at no charge to you.

Q: What's PMS color matching?

A: PMS colors are the most precise way to get the color you want from a printer, regardless of what machine, computers, or monitors he/she uses. PMS colors are from the Pantone color guide, which indexes each color and categorizes them by number codes. This is the universal language of color for printers, designers, and advertising professionals.

Q: Is PMS color matching necessary?

A: Most of our orders do not request PMS color matching because our clients are happy with the final product and imprint. In the printing world, there is an acceptable standard of 10% variance in color. We, however, find 10% to be too high so we do our best to get you as close to your desired color as possible. Most customers are happy with our printing because our factories use high quality machines.

Q: Where can I send my artwork file?

A: Please email your artwork to service at femmecustom dot com . If it's a very large file, try WinZip the file or go to , which is a free service that helps you send large files through email. Call us if you are unsure which to go with.


Hundreds of items can be produced in 2 business days at no charge. To shop now, visit our 2 Day Rush section. On all other items, we may be able to rush your production, but it would depend on the work flow and a rush charge would incur. Contact us immediately so we can help you with your rush order: 1.877.644.4660.


Our standard shipping method is UPS Ground, most of the time, because it is one of the most affordable ship methods available and generally takes 1-5 days in transit for delivery (depending on your domestic location). However, we use various carriers including FedEx, DHL, and various LTL carriers, upon your special shipping request.

Because of our volume of shipments, we have shipping discounts from these various carriers, and we pass along the savings to you. If you prefer to use your UPS or FedEx shipping account, please provide us with your account number. This third party shipping option is available on about 80% of our inventory but cannot be guaranteed on all merchandise. A nominal third party shipping fee is charged to cover the administrative costs for third party shipping. We do not keep account numbers on file, nor do we use it for any other purpose than to ship your order directly to you, per your request.


For large orders or international orders, we recommend during Checkout, to choose the 'Pay Later' option so that we can send you a shipping quotation based on your special shipping requirements. Upon your approval, we will then send you a payment/ invoice link. For standard orders with lower quantities, this is not needed. Please Checkout as you normally would when there are no special shipping requirements needed.

International shipping is also available to dozens of countries, which will be quoted with your order after you check out. International shipping may require additional days for transit time, which is usually estimated anywhere between 3 to 20 days, depending on the destination country.

Drop shipping is available. Due to the nature of our custom orders, we can quote you upon request. Generally, drop shipping is approximately $8 per location, plus the cost of any additional freight. Addresses must be sent to us in an Excel spreadsheet. The drop ship fee covers additional packaging services, material, and administrative costs.


Samples can be ordered online by ordering one quantity and in the set-up charge drop-down menu, select "Blank Imprint." If you supply us with your FedEx or UPS shipping number, we will not charge you for samples under $10. If you do not have a shipping account, we will charge you for the shipping but discount you on the sample. Please note it is our policy to never store UPS or FedEx account numbers. It's used once per customer request, and then we discard it.

If you purchase a sample and then proceed to place an order with us, we will refund the cost of your sample during the order process. For existing customers, samples are free, with the exception of highly premium items.

Please note that we sell only promotional products (custom imprinted merchandise) and in bulk quantities. Therefore, most samples sent have a random custom imprint, so please expect to receive imprinted samples when you place a samples order. Customers who want to order blank products can do so but only at the published minimum order quantities and not less than.

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