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Discover unparalleled value with femmeCustom's curated collection of water and sports bottles, designed explicitly for discerning commercial buyers. Marrying functionality with branding brilliance, each bottle is an opportunity—a canvas for your brand's identity. Whether for corporate giveaways, events, or retail, our range promises not just hydration but brand elevation. Step into the realm of cost-effective quality and let your business shine with every sip, only with femmeCustom.


Q: What variety of water & sports bottles does femmeCustom offer?

A: femmeCustom takes pride in offering a wide variety of water and sports bottles. Ranging from sleek stainless steel designs for the corporate executive to vibrant BPA-free plastic bottles for the outdoor enthusiast, we have something tailored for every individual. Each bottle isn’t just a vessel; it’s a fusion of aesthetics and function, catering to the diverse hydration needs of our clientele. The latest trend? Eco-friendly bottles and sports bottle made of beautiful glass and/ or wood that allows for clean personalizations and printing.

Q: Can I brand these bottles with my company's logo?

A: Absolutely! femmeCustom is all about personalization. Our state-of-the-art printing techniques ensure that your logo, message, or artwork is displayed with utmost clarity and vibrancy. With every sip, your brand gets visibility. Whether for corporate events, trade shows, or customer giveaways, our bottles offer a unique and effective way for your brand to remain in the hands and minds of your audience.

Q: Are the bottles leak-proof and durable for athletic activities?

A: Our bottles are meticulously crafted for the active individual. Engineered with precision, each bottle boasts a leak-proof design that stands up to the rigors of daily life. Whether you're taking a swift jog in the park, cycling up a hill, or hitting the gym for a workout session, our bottles ensure that your drink stays where it belongs, offering reliable and hassle-free hydration.

Q: How eco-friendly are femmeCustom’s bottles?

A: Sustainability is at the heart of our ethos. Many of our bottles are made from recyclable materials, emphasizing a reduced carbon footprint. Some styles include Bamboo or other wood materials, as well as glass. Furthermore, by encouraging the use of reusable water and sports bottles, we're taking steps to reduce single-use plastics in the environment. When you choose femmeCustom, you're not just selecting quality; you're endorsing a brand that respects and prioritizes the environment.

Q: Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases of bottles?

A: femmeCustom, being a premier wholesale platform, understands the budget constraints of bulk purchasing. Thus, we offer attractive tiered discounts to ensure that you get the best value for your money. Whether it's for corporate giveaways, sports events, or any large-scale gathering, our premium quality bottles are made affordable, proving that quality and cost-effectiveness can coexist. Checkout the wholesale pricing and volume discounts shown on each product page. femmeCustom values high transparency, in an effort to create a more positive shopping experience.

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